News 1: ‘Mob attacks vaccine team in Ujjain village’– ToI, 25th May, 2021

News 2: ‘Allopathy is a stupid science’ — statement attributed to Baba Ramdev

On surface, these are separate and independent pieces of news. Their occurrence is geographically disconnected and so are the people involved.

You may call…

The annual cricketing jamboree, IPL, begins tonight, when the dominant leader (Mumbai) will meet the perennial dreamer (Bangalore) to kickstart what will be another successful edition of IPL.

A journey of 14 years, that has had many more ups than downs, has catapulted the event to amongst the most valued…


By now most of us know this dreadful number. That Indian economy contracted by 23.9% in Q1FY21 (Apr-Jun, 2020) has been discussed ad infinitum in media (both social and otherwise) that you would be living under a rock or, I hope, in your own blissful world to have missed this…

Yay! It was less a cry of exultation & more a sigh of relief.

That was me at the end of my hour-long search. Or was it longer? Surely it felt more than an hour.

I had started the search with the eagerness of a child on a treasure hunt…

Sumeet Sonkusare

Marketing professional. Prone to over-thinking. Trying hand at writing.

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