Unstoppable force’ and ‘immovable object’ — these two entities exist only in the realm of philosophy (and fantasy), and so we may never know the answer to the question. But, dilute your expectations a wee bit and you might just be able to discover the faces of Indian Government and Facebook behind these entities instead.

The opening act:

In recent years, the Indian Govt. has been relentless, even ruthless, in the pursuit of its goals. And, almost always, it has been able to get its own way, till very recently.

In a move aimed to plug security loopholes (which some…

News 1: ‘Mob attacks vaccine team in Ujjain village’– ToI, 25th May, 2021

News 2: ‘Allopathy is a stupid science’ — statement attributed to Baba Ramdev

On surface, these are separate and independent pieces of news. Their occurrence is geographically disconnected and so are the people involved.

You may call it a leap of faith or a butterfly effect or whatever else, but there’s a common thread running through these 2 events. And that’s a mindset besotted with a suspicion of science.

When it comes to our relationship with science, our approach in the past has been “first comes God…

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cseeman/24680525838

Growling, she turned around and, with open claws, jumped on me.” I was in the middle of narrating my horrifying experience with a feline creature, when X started giggling. Seeing the surprised reaction on my face, she apologized and asked me to continue my story.

We, X and I, were sitting on the swing in her backyard and I was telling her why I hated cats from the core of my being. Technically, it was her uncle’s house and she was the guest there. X had just finished her 10th board exam and had come, with her mom, to spend…

The annual cricketing jamboree, IPL, begins tonight, when the dominant leader (Mumbai) will meet the perennial dreamer (Bangalore) to kickstart what will be another successful edition of IPL.

A journey of 14 years, that has had many more ups than downs, has catapulted the event to amongst the most valued sporting events on the planet.

And why not? After all, IPL as a product, replete with non-stop action and drama, was designed for mass-entertainment.

Saying IPL owes its success to the way it was packaged won’t be too far from reality.

But like in many stories, the crucible in which…

How do you make someone fall in love with you, a second time?

Getting someone to fall in love the first time itself is no mean feat. Winning over someone who had fallen out of love is a challenge of a different magnitude altogether, a Sisyphean task almost.

Vodafone-Idea’s attempt at birthing a new brand, VI (pronounced We), is a hopeful attempt at that. And they have many customers to win over, no less than 140 MM** subscribers if you are keeping a tab (Source: TRAI telecom subscription reports for Jul-18 and Jun-20). …


By now most of us know this dreadful number. That Indian economy contracted by 23.9% in Q1FY21 (Apr-Jun, 2020) has been discussed ad infinitum in media (both social and otherwise) that you would be living under a rock or, I hope, in your own blissful world to have missed this. Even before the government and newspapers told us last week how bad the economy was, every expert worth her/his salt (including the ones on WhatsApp and other social media) had predicted a record dip in Q1 GDP. However, the actual performance belied even the most pessimistic projections. …

Let’s get some context

Last week, Russia stole a march in the Covid-19 vaccine development race by granting regulatory approval to one of its vaccine candidates. That this happened in a record 2 months has raised everyone’s eyebrows. So far, even the most optimistic projections for a vaccine had ranged from 12–18 months (that’s mid-to-end of 2021). For many like you and me, who are in the grip of the virus, this timeframe may seem too long. However, these estimates are a jiffy when compared with the decades that most vaccines have taken for development in the past.

What’s this…

Yay! It was less a cry of exultation & more a sigh of relief.

That was me at the end of my hour-long search. Or was it longer? Surely it felt more than an hour.

I had started the search with the eagerness of a child on a treasure hunt. For me, it was nothing short of a treasure hunt, maybe even more. But as moments passed and with no sign of what I was looking for, my hopes started to flag. The search seemed endless, at moments even fruitless. But, like a man possessed, I plodded through.

Before beginning…

Sports has a hallowed place in our lives. Not as dogmatic as religion, it shows us the way to live. It teaches us nothing is impossible and to those who persevere on its path, glory awaits. For the rest of us, watching from the sidelines and designated as ‘fans’, sports inspires us to be a better version of ourselves. So, it is both depressing and frightening that something as uplifting as sports became a casualty to the corona virus. Like every other aspect of our lives, sports came to a grinding halt in the menacing shadows of the virus.



I heard a sound, or so I thought. It seemed to have come from outside the window of my room, like something or someone had just landed there. I open my eyes and look in the direction of the sound. But I can’t see anything, it’s dark. Realizing it’s still the middle of the night, I will myself back to sleep. One moment, two moments, a few more moments go by and I am about to drift into sleep, when I hear the sound again. Curiosity gets the better of me this time. I get up. Darkness hasn’t left, but…

Sumeet Sonkusare

Marketing professional. Prone to over-thinking. Trying hand at writing.

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